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It all started with a silicone spatula...

As a mother of 3 (and twins), I struggled to find things my teething babies could safely chew on. I purchased a lot of toys - from the vibrating star, to the rubber giraffe, hard plastic keys, the banana toothbrush, and even a variety of natural wooden toys.

But nothing satisfied my children like my silicone spatula!

 And I certainly understood why, because it was:

  1. Soft

  2. Chewy

  3. Textured

  4. Soothing and completely satisfying

But with a long, hard plastic handle...it was hardly safe.

So when I searched for toys with the same qualities, most of them were were plastic.

Since most plastic is toxic (and as a general rule the softer the plastic, the more toxic it is), I looked for other "natural" toys. 

That's when I discovered some alarming things:

  • Wood and hard plastic can damage erupting teeth and cause bleeding in swollen, irritated gums.

  • Repeated exposure to natural rubber toys has been linked to latex allergies.

  • Many toys (like the banana tooth brush) are choking a hazzard and are banned in other countries - but not the U.S.


That's what led me to design and manufacture my line of soft, safe, and food-grade silicone toys. I named my brand...

 Because children deserve the best!


I am so dedicated to providing smart, safe, and satisfying toys to families, that my toys meet or exceed child safety requirements in the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. They are also too large to be a choking hazzard for any age, don't have small beads or removable parts, don't come with dangerous strings, clips, or beads, and they are all soft - truly "ouchless!"


Baby Diva is truly a family business - from my family to yours. My 3 children are older now, and they help me with the business. They enjoy knowing other children are playing with safe and soft toys too.

Your satisfaction is VERY important to us, so please contact me with any questions, concerns, feedback, or just to say "hi!"

Thank you so much for visiting, and may your family grow up safe and happy!



Founder & CEO, Baby Diva


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